Jan. 7th, 2017

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We are not doing an all-out "party". But Sophia would like to have a cake serving at Arisia. Probably Saturday or Sunday. (On Friday, things are too chaotic, with registration hell etc., and people might be delayed getting into the hotel; and on Monday people are going home.) I cannot bake at Arisia, so this means buying a cake.

In the spirit of sci-fi con and all that, I explored the idea of getting a cake made to look like the TARDIS. However, since this wouldn't be round, it's considered a "sculpted" cake by Oakleaf Cakes and the price for having this made would be just shocking. (Danish Pastry House is too busy next weekend to take an order of this complexity.) I talked to Sophia, and she agrees that this is not the thing to be extravagant about. We are amused by the thought of a TARDIS cake, but... Not enough, when we have to buy it.

What Sophia would like is a chocolate cake with a layer of raspberry jam in the middle, with purple frosting and stars. Now, off to figure out where to source this...
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You wonder why I tend to be "meh" about super-hero comic-book genre movies.

Someone in the comments thread here hit the nail on the head:

'It is generally a good rule of thumb, in any circumstances, that when the answer to “Would Batman do this?” is “Yes!” then you need to BACK AWAY FROM THE BATMAN. A man who could end poverty in his city single-handedly and instead thinks that the best way he could fight crime is to dress up like a bat is not a sane role model for ANYONE.'


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