Jan. 9th, 2017

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- Could not get to sleep last night, despairing about Trump
- Very sleepy and crunchy morning
- Saw e-mail first thing in the morning about some gas pipeline going live today in Boston in spite of 350.org's attempta to stop it...
+/- ...and, in the e-mail, a request that people come protest at the site
- (eeks, another thing to do today)
+ (but, always glad to have a way to help)
- Pipeline protest starting at 8:00 am
- Very little time to make a sign before the pipeline protest
- Could not find big red or black Sharpie
- Blue Sharpie running dry
- Sophia would not get out of bed due to feeling very sad
+ Eventually got Sophia out of bed by enlisting her help finding Sharpies
+ She found the black Sharpie!
- which was also running dry
+ Finally got Sophia to school!
+ Managed to get to pipeline protest
- ...45 minutes late
- ...and it was very very very cold
+ Good turnout in spite of the cold
+ Glad I wasn't there the full time because of the cold
+ Then hot chocolate
- Trump's cabinet appointments are all assholes
+ There was a rally today at noon in Boston to protest the assholes
- ...but to attend that I had to blow off a friend in need
- ...and also blow off attending a work-related research-interest-related talk
+ Used same sign for both demonstrations today
+ Met someone else going to the demonstration on the T, had a good time talking to her
- Still very cold
+ Good turnout at demonstration in spite of the cold
+ Demonstration was brief, probably because of the cold
+ Met someone else interesting to talk to on the way back from the demonstration on the T
+ Then made soup, very very yummy soup
+ Sophia is cheered up; the very yummy soup helped
- Utterly exhausted and still chilled to the bone.


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