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I want to signal-boost something hammercock linked to on LJ a while back: How to #StayOutraged Without Losing Your Mind Lots of advice on how we can collectively keep from burning out and wearing out before this fight is over.

Really, really, really important read. If you ever go to protests, make phone calls, baby-sit so other people can go to protest or make phone calls, or whatever, or ever think you might get around to doing any of the above, read it! We need you to not die.

I am glad that this article validates that I do not read all the news every day-- I unplug from news quite a bit, starting 2 weeks for the election, because I knew intuitively that following every twist and turn of all the news would kill me.

It also validates that I do not skimp on sleep. (Other self-care I am lacking on, though.)

And that I focus on an issue or two of most important to me. You cannot be all outrage all the time about all the issues. There are so many issues, they will crush you.

But also DO NOT argue with other activists "you should work on my issue rather than yours, mine is more important and here's why." Be supportive of everyone focusing on any anti-Evil issue.

I would also add to this: SHOW UP FOR VISIBILITY ACTIONS RELATED TO OTHER PEOPLE'S ISSUES. Recent article that hammercock also linked to (ref?) made the point that protests are more effective if we have big attention-getting umbrella protests (the events of Jan. 21st were a great example) rather than splintering into a bunch of little protests for all the different issues. Thus, I do not have time for attention to more than 2 (maybe 3) of my top issues but I showed up in the cold for the LGBTQ/Immigrant protest even though neither of those are in my top 3.
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