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I desperately need to get new glasses. It has been bad for a while that I needed new glasses. But over the weekend, I broke my backup pair of glasses-- which I had been wearing for years-- and had to switch back to the non-backup pair of glasses. The primary problem with the non-backup pair is that the anti-glare coating flaked off in scratches and patches, and the result is like having incredibly muddy, dirty glasses that can't be cleaned. This pisses me off to no end. And, now that I have no backup pair, which is a precarious situation to be in, and that I really should get an eye exam anyway. Urgent. Yeah.

What has had me procrastinating dealing with this for so long? It's the age thing. I am nearsighted, but the glasses seem to satisfactorily correct my distance vision. But now I cannot read with my glasses on. Even though I don't need glasses to read, it used to be that I could focus on near things in spite of the lenses wanting to correct my vision for far. But in recent years, I've felt an increasing compulsion to take my glasses off when I read. Now I can't focus on print at normal book distance with my glasses on. Annoying! If I take my glasses off, print at normal book distance is ok. Normal computer monitor distance is blurry without glasses, and slightly blurry but acceptable at larger font sizes with glasses. I think the computer monitor is too far away for my nearsighted eyes to see without glasses, but too close to focus on when I need to compensate for the glasses.

I am so afraid that the eye doctor is going to say I need bifocals or something like that, and I just do not want to deal. I've been inclined to just go on wearing glasses that just correct my distance vision, and popping them off to read. I don't know what the right solution is for seeing computer monitors, but I think I can go a long way compensating with higher zoom and lower resolution (just making things bigger and bigger).

My mother says not to fear the bifocals age. She says that when she was my age she was very happy with progressive lenses (Verilux). I don't know. They seem less dorky and irksome than traditional bifocals. But the marketing ("Everything is always focused just right by magic!") seems too good to be true. How can this be? If I can read without glasses on, why would popping off my glasses when I read not be the right answer? But, what is to be done about having to see computer monitors?

What's everyone else's experience with this? Have you been dealing with this? Or not dealing?

Date: 2017-03-06 07:30 pm (UTC)
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I wear progressives, and have for several years. The "magic" comes from working with the prescriber, telling them how you tend to do things and having the lenses be described to deal with that. I spent a fair bit of time with my prescriber describing how I go from sketching on paper on my desk to using programs on the computer monitor and back again. I have several distances set, from close-up (for which I now need to take my glasses off comma dammit) to computer monitor distance to driving. There are people who get "reading glasses" separate from other glasses, which is often just a simple magnifier.

Anyway, the other part of progressive "magic" is that your eyes and brain will retrain themselves. When one first gets progressives there's a lot of adjusting to do. You learn to hold your head in certain ways to bring the majority of the photons in through the right part of the visual field. Peripheral vision with progressives is a lot less than with traditional lenses. And when one first gets them it's easy to get dizzy by moving your head side to side rapidly. You learn to look more directly at people and things rather than keeping them in the corner of your eye.

Most people I know have taken a couple weeks to get adjusted to progressives but once adjusted it beats the hell out of the previous experience.

Date: 2017-03-07 02:29 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] drwex
Generally by paying more attention to what I was doing than I usually did. The peripheral vision issue was particularly bad when driving and it took a couple weeks for that to subside. I turned my head more and learned to look directly at things more. I scanned and took the time to scan more carefully than I usually did.


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