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This morning Mom told me that there was a bad storm coming (that's what the forecast was saying at the time) and suggested that I should try to go grocery shopping before it hit. Yeah, she had a point. We had run out of milk other than an 18-pack of the outrageously over-packaged little containers of UHT milk, and we were sucking through those at an alarming rate. But I was lazy about it, figured I'd wait until Mom came back from church, and then scrape some snow off the driveway while Mom watched Sophie, so I wouldn't be careening down the driveway with Sophie in the back seat. (That was my rationalization, as I had a slow-moving morning, painted my toenails, studied a bit, etc.)

When Mom came back from church outrageously late, I started to shovel. It was rainy, calm, and warm. Suddenly it got darker and windier and darker and windier and the rain turned into bigger and bigger snowflakes. I thought "oh crap, I've delayed going to the store too long!" I announced "screw shoveling the driveway, I have to go get groceries NOW!" and I headed out in Mom's car because it's closest to the end of the driveway. I didn't take the shopping list, because I figured, I want to hurry through this shopping to try not to get stuck in a blizzard. That means, essentials only. Which means, if it's not important enough to remember without the list, I don't need to get it. All I really need is... French Toast ingredients.

Now, I know it is fashionable on my flist to laugh at the French Toast Emergency. But it makes a lot of sense. If you foresee that it might get to be a real hassle to get to the store again, and you might want to make do with whatever is lurking in the back of your pantry, I'd argue that French toast ingredients are the most versatile ingredients for turning what lurks in the back of your pantry into something appealing.

All those boxes of cereal become useful... if you have milk.

The can of mushrooms becomes a mushroom omelette... if you have eggs.

The cans of tuna become sandwiches... if you have bread.

And so on.

You might be thinking: "OK, I'm peeking in the corners of my pantry... and what I see inspires... A really garlicky lentil-barley stew! Hey, I don't need any French toast ingredients for that!" Yeah, I think I used to cook like that. Let me ask you: do you have kids? Uh-huh, I didn't think so.

Anyway, I noticed that the roads were fine, and in the few minutes it took me to get to Market Basket, the storm seemed less and less significant. Market Basket was still a zoo, of course. Yup, there was quite a run on the French toast ingredients. But, by the time I got out, the storm was gone. Weird.


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